Terry van Haren

Air Commodore (Retired), President & Managing Director – LeoLabs

Terry van Haren is the Managing Director of LeoLabs Pty Ltd Australia – a subsidiary of LeoLabs Inc (US). Terry joins the LeoLabs team after a distinguished 35 years of service to the Royal Australian Air Force as a Commander, fighter pilot, and fighter combat instructor.

Terry is a veteran with four operational tours in the Middle East. Terry recently served as the Air and Space Attaché to the United States in Washington, DC, where he developed his passion for Space by leading the Australian Embassy’s interagency space working group whilst engaging widely with the US Space Force, Government departments and Industry.

Terry believes that cooperation, between Government departments, Space agencies and commercial industry, is the key to Space security and prosperity for like-minded responsible space nations. Terry shares the Leo Labs vision of providing ‘superior information in dynamic space’ through its global network of innovative space surveillance radars, and vertically integrated space operations stack – Vertex™.


Tue 24 Oct


9:30am -


Plenary Ballroom
Dr Ophir Almog

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist – Momentick (Israel), Remote Sensing Expert


National Manager, Space – Bureau of Meteorology

Daniel Smith

Director – Space Scotland

Terry van Haren

Air Commodore (Retired), President & Managing Director – LeoLabs

Session Chair and Moderator

Krystal Azelton

Director of Space Applications Programs – Secure World Foundation (USA)

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