Dr Stefan Paterson

Principal – Integrated IP

Stefan Paterson is principal at Integrated IP, with a profound expertise in the intricate intersection of intellectual property (IP) laws and space law. His passion lies in safeguarding space technology through innovative legal frameworks. In the rapidly evolving landscape of space technology, traditional IP protection strategies often prove inadequate. In this challenging domain, Stefan is often sought after for his profound insights into this emerging legal frontier, and has made contributions in this area with articles, podcasts, presentations, and academic journals that delve into the complex tapestry of IP and space law.

One notable facet of Stefan’s influence is his exploration into the necessary evolution of Australian IP laws to offer more robust safeguards for space technology. His insights beyond the conventional IP confines recognises the need for a holistic perspective that transcend traditional IP paradigms. By seamlessly navigating the intricate nuances of both IP and space law, Stefan offers an unparalleled vantage point – a visionary advocate who propels us to rethink how we fortify the future of space technology.


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