First Nations X highlights indigenous entrepreneurship at IPSEC 2023

The Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference brings together leaders from across the region for opportunities in space and cross-sector technologies and innovation. There is a strong selection of speakers who will be featuring in the conference session led by First Nations X. 

The session is aimed at raising awareness of the breadth and depth of indigenous entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as supporting further investment into the First Nations startup ecosystem.

Florence Drummond (Director, Kara Ged) will speak on bridging the gap and inclusion in innovation and technology, and Dr Kent Matla (Blak Angels Investment Network) will discuss indigenous ecosystem startup capital.

Peter Rossdeutscher (Chair, First Nations X) will then facilitate a discussion between young indigenous business founders about their journey and digital capability – featuring Jasmine Kadic (Managing Director, Benang Industries), Raquel Todd (CEO, Blak Line Industries & Four Hills Group), Nathan Cole (CoFounder, Blak Digital).

“The growth of First Nations businesses and business Founders is essential to all sectors. An Indigenous-owned business is 100 times more likely to hire Indigenous people so it’s essential actively engage and support these Founders. The circular nature of their success in the digital economy will benefit communities, diversify industries and support economic empowerment,” Peter Rossdeutscher, Chair and co-founder of First Nations X.

The session is an important part of a broader stream on innovation and commercialisation which will feature speakers from NASA, Rio Tinto innovation, a former public Astronaut, METS Ignited, AROSE, Atomic Sky and Earth & Beyond Ventures.

Managing Director and IPSEC Convenor for MySecurity Media, David Matrai said, “This stream of the IPSEC conference focuses on shared learning that can stimulate cross-sector innovation and commercialisation.  For that purpose it was essential for us that attendees are able to access a First Nations perspective and potentially collaborate to enrich their industries.  Working with First Nations X has facilitated a range of high-quality speakers from their diverse network of indigenous business leaders and entrepreneurs.”

As well as the array of keynote speakers, the Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference also includes panel discussions and streams looking at innovation that applies across sectors both on earth and in space. Experts in diverse sectors like mining, defence agriculture, and defence will explore how solutions can benefit outcomes in multiple sectors. The prestigious event is supported by industry leaders and governments from around the world with the aim of sharing learning and creating collaboration opportunities.

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First Nations X is a not-for-profit initiative facilitating economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, capital and collaboration.  More information is available at

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